Flying the Radian

We flew the new Radian Pro BNF at Lighthouse Field, using the Spektrum DX8 transmitter. Binding was flawless, and the Radian is beautiful…it floats like the proverbial butterfly. A bit too much so, perhaps– I’m going to have to learn how to bring it down much closer to us than I’ve so far been able to do. It’s so light in the air that I keep overshooting.

Someone asked if that’s a large cross in the background, It isn’t; it’s the Lighthouse Field sign seen end-on.

Cynbe launches the Radian at Lighthouse Field
Cynbe launches the Radian at Lighthouse Field

(Of course, this isn’t all fun: our r/c airplanes and gliders are test platforms for the control systems I use in my art installation work, like Sandy’s Fan Club. Cynbe and I need to continually experiment with new kinds of electronics to stay current with, well, the state of the art of my art…)

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