Suggested Rules for Non-Transsexuals Writing about Transsexuals, Transsexuality, Transsexualism, or Trans ____.

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Written by Jacob Hale, with thanks to Talia Bettcher, Dexter D. Fogt, Judith Halberstam, and Naomi Scheman. Note that the list refers to transsexuality rather than to transgender per se. However, many items also apply to non-transgendered researchers writing about transgender, as well as to trans-folk writing across trans-trans differences.

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Last updated 5 January 1997 in the Second Age. Last updated 16 January 2006 in the Third Age. Last updated 18 November 2009 in the Third Age. Thanks to Ulrica Engdahl and Katherine Harrison for organizing the conference "Transgender Studies and Theories: Building Up the Field in a Nordic Context", and pointing out more copy errors in this document.

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